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Writing a Research Paper: Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a research paper takes a lot of skills, time, and effort. Though, it can be a rather interesting and fun experience. It all depends on your attitude and approach. Often, the scariest and most difficult part of essay writing is the lack of understanding of the process. Hence, once you have a proper strategy for writing your papers, you'll never be afraid of doing them. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on writing a research paper. Read, learn, copy, and succeed!

1. Get ready

Don't rush to start writing right away. It is not the best approach to long and complex papers. When you need to finish a paper with a length of 10 and more pages, you need a proper plan. Though, before everything else, you need to see how much time you have before the deadline, and how much work you need to do. Time management is the key to any work, though, it is especially true in writing. Organize your time and try working on your paper every day. Don't try to squeeze the whole process in a single day.

2. Pick a topic

Your topic choice is the key to good work. It is important to enjoy and be genuinely interested in the topic of your paper. If your topic is interesting to you, the paper will reflect it. This way you are more engaged in the process and feel more encouraged to continue researching, writing, and editing.
Pick a topic that is relevant, modern, catchy, and intriguing. Your research paper should bring something new to the world. It should make new discoveries, or argue those that have been done before. The purpose of your paper is to find a new approach to an existing notion.

3. Write an outline

An outline serves you as a map for your paper. Outlining is crucial to successful work, especially if it's a long one. Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You need to know what elements, ideas, and goals each of those components consist of.

4. Do your research

We are approaching one of the most important parts of writing. What is a research paper without actual research? You need to find reliable sources and find credible data that is relevant to your paper. Researching is, probably, the most time-consuming part of your writing. You need to check numerous websites, journals, books, and articles in order to find those that fit your own research.

5. Write

Only after completing all four previous steps, you are ready to start writing. Now, it is important to approach this process right. First, find time for writing. Have a few spare hours every day to write. You need to focus and concentrate. Our advice is to go to a library, and ask the first person you meet, "can you write my assignment for me?". No, just kidding. Go to a library for a peaceful and quiet working atmosphere. That will help a lot.

6. Proofread

This element is the key to a good grade. Proofreading is your chance to detect all those small errors, misspells, and other mistakes. We recommend having a 24-hour break between writing and proofreading. This way you will have enough rest and be able to focus better. Though, asking a friend to proofread your paper is always an option.